True Hauntings Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigations

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demons and the paranormal

I'd like to address a popular topic within the paranormal community, the existence or not of demonic possession and hauntings. Through the years that I have investigated reported ghostly activity I've never come across a true demonic haunting or possession. I've seen a lot of mental illness even out right fraud but never fallen angels from hell. This is a faith based belief not actual facts. The word demon comes from spirits in greek mythology called daemones. It was believed that these spirits could be good or evil. When the church rose to power all daemones were deemed to be from the devil and thus the word demon was developed.  In spite of popular belief in the paranormal community there is no evidence that these things exist. So in my opinion they do not exist. Evil spirits in some form or another are present in every religion in all cultures through out the world. Not because there is factual evidence that they exist, but because since the beginning they were blamed for things that modern science can now explain. Examples of this are mental illnesses, epileptic seizures, psychogenic seizures (these are seizures caused by deep psychological problems that can be quite dramatic), all kinds of physical deformities, sleep paralysis.  These are just a few examples of things that people would blame demons for that we now know, thanks to science, is not the case. In fact there is no ground breaking evidence that ghosts even exist. I have obtained good evps through out my investigations but nothing jaw dropping that would hold ground in the scientific community. Having said that i do believe ghosts exist through evp evidence ive obtained and thats why i investigate claims. But i've never obtained evidence of demons in some ones home. My question to others who say they do exist is why in all my investigations i've never come across true demons, but to others every other house is infested with them? It is my belief that people simply WANT to believe in them. They just believe in them instead of looking at what real evidence do we truly have that supports their existence, and understanding the history of their origins. Most people believe what they were taught is true since childhood, by their parents and the church etc. This in turn causes a problem when  people are investigating paranormal claims. It causes the belief that the devil could possibly be around every other corner and the home owners are scared out of their wits, because some paranormal group tells them this nonsense without a single shred of real evidence other than what a psychic says. The question is are they truly looking for the truth, or are they just playing the fantasy game? Some will sugar coat things and tell you that possession is real but its not like the movies.Signs of the possession they say are feeling like crap, strange dreams or nightmares, and scratches and bruises on your body that are unexplained. Im sorry but all those examples have logical explanations. Strange dreams and nightmares can be caused by numerous factors, such as a persons diet, lack of sleep, medications, stress and so on. Most people find scratches and bruises on themselves that they dont know where they came from all the time, doesnt mean they are possessed. Feeling like crap, well again numerous factors can cause this other than so called demons or any other spirit possession.  Lack of sleep and stress being among them. Of course people have the right to their beliefs, including the home owners, but I truly feel if you are investigating peoples homes you must keep personal beliefs out of the investigation and stick with the facts. Otherwise every little noise or shadow or whatever it may be, you will be blaming it on demons and telling the home owner theres evil spirits in their home when in fact there is not. This to me is a very irresponsible way of investigating and in no way is it helping the home owner. I have studied the history of religion extensively and have found that they all took beliefs from each other including Christianity. This may not be popular but it is a fact. I feel all investigators in this field needs to study the HISTORY and origins of religious beliefs, and understand that every bump in the night or someone's plumbing pipes that bang three times is not the devil or any other form of so called inhuman evil spirit. Do I believe that there is evil in the world? Yes of course I do. Do I believe that there is inhuman evil spirits haunting homes and possessing people? No I do not and until I ever see hard evidence, I will continue to speak out against such claims. Home owners who are having possible paranormal problems deserve the truth not folklore.