True Hauntings Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigations

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly do you do?  I investigate reported ghostly activity and try to record proof of that activity if any is to be found.

2. Is there a charge for investigations?  No all investigations are free of charge.

3. If any evidence is found, are you able to remove the spirit?  i  make no claims to be able to remove anything. however i do make suggestions on how to deal with the haunting, depending on the type that the evidence may show.

4. Are you like the tv show ghost hunters?  The answer to that is NO. The tv shows are just that, tv shows. alot of what you see on tv just doesnt happen.  I take trying to help people seriously and also researching possible hauntings seriously and not out to make money on a tv show with high ratings.

5. Can the home owner assist in the investigation?  The home owner does assist me by showing me around the haunted location and answering any questions i may have. I do not however have them directly involved in the investigation unless i feel it may help, at which time i will ask the home owner for their assistance.

 6. I got orbs in photographs at home, is my house haunted? This is still an age old issue within the paranormal community even though it has been proven that orbs are not ghosts, or spirit energy etc. Orbs are caused by particles in the air that are being reflected by the sudden burst of light from your cameras flash. Your digital camera records this reflection as a ball of light. Also most paranormal groups investigate in total darkness, which to me is not  necessary. Because of the darkness, when you take a picture, the camera has to guess as to what settings to use and at times may cause pixels to misfire and in turn causes orbs in your photos. As with orbs, faces in windows most times than not are light reflections causing whats called pareidolia or seeing images in the window that isn't truly there. This is caused by the minds way of making sense out of  nothing when you look at it.