True Hauntings Pennsylvania Paranormal Investigations

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Who We Are/What we do


Who we are

hello my name is michael seiger, founder of True Hauntings. I am a paranormal researcher. My main focus is investigating ghosts and hauntings in homes and businesses or wherever activity is reported. I am an independent researcher no large group invades your home. I have years of experience investigating numerous private homes, and public places which include numerous places in gettysburg pa, harpers ferry and antietam battlefield. old jail museum in jim thorpe pa etc. I am here to research ghostly phenomena, but more importantly to help the home or business owner understand what is occuring in their home or business. I look for logical explanations first, then i set up to possibly record ghostly activity at the location. I also see if i experience the same claims made by the home owner. If any evidence is found after the investigation, i will present you with that evidence. review of the data i collect usually takes a few weeks to finish. i make sure im in constant contact with you to update you with the progress.  All investigations are FREE OF CHARGE. When you contact me through the investigation requests page, or by phone i will ask you questions about the location and what you are experiencing. Then i like to conduct an interview in person at the reported haunted site. At your convenience an investigation will be set up usually held on weekends. you may call me direct at 570-204-7764 for investigation requests, or any questions you may have if you have no email.